A low-level security protocol and framework for smart contracts


Isolate the components of your smart contract system to mitigate mistakes or malicious activity.


Demonstrate your system's security to the world by exposing it's security policies in a way that can be understood and verified by third parties.


Using Beaker's capability primitives, restrict components of your system and apply the principle of least privilege.


Build on top of Beaker's primitives to define a permissions model that suits your specific needs.

What is BeakerOS

Beaker is a capability-based exokernel protocol to run on Ethereum. As a smart contract framework, BeakerOS provides developers the ability to perform upgrades in a secure and robust manner - preventing privilege escalation at any point in the development process.
BeakerOS also comes with strong security and isolation primitives, allowing for more secure use of libraries, and taking advantage of the principle-of-least-privilege in more complex smart contract systems. This will allow developers and users to place strict limitations on pieces of code, and ensure that those limitations are enforced long-term.


  • Q1 2020
    v1 Stable
    Yellowpaper with Formal Specification
  • Q2 2019
    v1 Beta
    Component registry Development
  • Today
    v1 Alpha
    EVM + EWASM SDK Development
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020